7 Best High Paying Jobs 2023 (WITHOUT A DEGREE)

Write 1000 words and add html heading based on this youtube scripts What’s up guys my name is chris winter so with the global economic inflation and signs leading to an economic recession pretty much everyone i know is looking for a job and one that pays pretty well at that but you know a lot of jobs require a four-year degree yet

Not everyone’s got the money all the time to pursue a degree at an expensive university or even like a college plus many job postings out there have pretty much impossible requirements you know such as like before your degree but you also need 10 years of experience and all

Of this for basically an entry-level position well if you’re one of those people and you’re just kind of tired of what’s currently out there then you’re in the right place watching this video because i’ve got a list of seven high-paying jobs that don’t require a four-year degree and if you didn’t know i’m

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So if you’re between five foot two and six foot three inches tall have a nice smile and you know you’re confident with your personal skills then you could take to the skies and try becoming a flight attendant so flight attendants usually only have physical requirements such as height to allow

Them to assist passengers with say their luggage so airlines will normally require flight attendants to be personable have good customer service skills and you know obviously be able to memorize on how to put on a seat belt or an oxygen mask the best part i think about this position though is that it

Only requires a high school diploma to apply so you don’t actually need to have a college degree and with the world slowly opening up again after covert there is a shortage of flight attendants or pretty much any airline staff for this matter and they’ve got a median

Salary of 55 grand so it’s not that bad so the job generally provides free lodging travel around the world and lots of flight benefits and perks so i actually think a flight attendant is a great way to earn a living without a degree so next on my list is to become

An executive assistant or an ea so the only kind of requirement you need for this is to be a high school graduate you need to know the basics of you know things like microsoft programs you need a good personality good writing and most importantly you need really good

Organizational skills so as an ea or an executive assistant you’ll work with an executive leader like a ceo and communicate on their behalf you’ll arrange their schedules you’ll help their organization just make things make sure things run smoothly it seems basic but it’s actually pretty rewarding and you can actually get a

Median salary of anywhere from 60 000 to 80 000 a year so another thing you can do is be a media equipment worker so for those of you interested in media and production you could work behind the scenes and experience being on set without having to take a four-year

Degree kind of related to media so this career isn’t only limited to tv and film you could do other things such as you know you could work in radio broadcasting you could work for rental and leasing services or you could even kind of work for the government

Regardless of this though the need for good coverage everywhere i think this job will only keep being in demand as technology advances with a median salary of about 70 000 i think this is really good for people who kind of dream about being in the media but don’t want to

Have a degree so are you the type of person that gets a jolt of joy when you help others well if yes then why not take an interest in being a firefighting supervisor so basically a firefighting supervisor they don’t actually go into them feel themselves like a firefighter

Rather they manage and coordinate the firefighting crews to send them out to the field so you kind of act as a leader and communicate every kind of fine detail to the crew members and you strategically assigned firefighters to extinguish extinguish sorry the flames you don’t need a degree and this

Position is highly dependent on the training that you receive on the job the good thing is the occupation is safe as you’re not directly dealing with the flames but it still rewards you with a pretty good salary of around about 75 000 without a degree you’ll get out of the line of fire

While still playing a crucial role in helping people save lives another thing you could do is be an elevator repairer so you know we give little thought to elevators and escalators because they’re so ingrained in our everyday lives but we kind of tend to forget that these are

Massive mechanisms that require a lot of work to be installed but also be repaired so this kind of labor is typically quite expensive and elevator and escalator installers and repairers get paid pretty good for what they do so they’ve actually got a whopping median salary of over 80 000

And this occupation only requires you to have a high school diploma and a willingness to be trained as an apprentice to a master in working with machinery so if you said yes to the earlier question before on helping others well maybe you could take an interest in supervising crew members but not with

Fires but maybe becoming a police supervisor or a police detective supervisor instead so police and detective supervisors function similarly they dispatch pile units and detectives to scenes of the crime they coordinate and manage everything you need to conduct police operations obviously according with the law so just a high

School diploma put some years into this career and you can actually earn a medium income of 90 000 you can be part of that blue community as this is one of the highest paying jobs you can learn without a degree while many it managers earn a degree in

Computer science not many people know that you only need an associate degree or kind of like industry certifications to qualify as one so basically it managers help organizations in building and maintaining information systems and computer networks often overseeing a staff or technicians to perform and repair their maintenance themselves with this continuously

Evolving landscape of technology i team managers are continuously in demand and if you manage to become one you can expect an amazing salary of a hundred and fifty thousand dollars but to become an it manager it’s all about building great working relationship communicating your abilities and having the experience

To lead a team and become a good it manager so many jobs require a four-year degree but there are also many jobs that don’t this list kind of just touches on a few jobs that don’t need a four-year degree but you know you can still net a huge

Amount of money even without one so i recommend you explore your strengths and skills and find the perfect job for you the best thing of all all this information is out there for you and it’s free so just do a little bit of research and you know if you’re a

Go-getter like me well i like to think take the initiative save you money and save your time from a traditional four-year degree and find a job that pays well because honestly they do exist i hope this video inspired you and if you did like it don’t forget to smash

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There goes a plane above me and until next time see you guys later You

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