Applying to tech jobs in 2023 be like…

Generate article in 1000 words and keep html headings based on this youtube scripts This video is brought to you by Squarespace Google’s parent company alphabet announcing today it will cut 12 000 positions what can I say when Salesforce lays off 8000 or 10 of its staff Thank you The team wants to move to the final round Ain’t No Way bruh all right so you’ve been doing good in your interview so far just one last question then you’re done I see you use graphql on your first internship three years ago I’m sure you remember it right

Please write me a query on how to mutate the load balancer so that it points to a different react component um I I’m not sure if that’s that’s possible all right so I guess we’re at the end of the interview now uh you aced everything so far you did great except the last

Question but hey don’t worry about it so you hear back from us soon for the next steps I gotta go to my next meeting now so yeah have a good day you know I wish you the best goodbye okay wow I I guess I did good I I solved all the questions

I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure I’m not like there’s no way thank you for your time interviewing with us unfortunately we’ve decided to move on with a different cat what the f Hey Pam what are you doing I’m just chilling what’s up I have a new app idea I already made the landing page oh wait this looks pretty nice what’d you make this with Squarespace Squarespace you mean the one that gives people an online platform that lets people build websites easily yeah the

One that allows you to connect with your audience and generate Revenue through gated members only content and leverage audience insights all in one platform yep you can also display posts from your social profiles and automatically keep them updated Mr frying pan said anything you’d like to say to your fans

Go to when you’re ready to launch use my link frying pan for 10 off your first purchase of your website or domain Okay so what’s the actual app idea ask Zen I don’t know

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