Write 1000 words and add html heading based on this youtube scripts Well hello there beautiful people it is Me Jazzy Mack and today’s work from home opportunity is going to be for none other than cash app and I also have some very beginner friendly roles for those of you that have gaps in your resume or those of you that you know are Stay-at-home moms and you’re just kind of looking for something that’s like low stress and a no phone something that you can do with the babies in the next room so I totally have you all covered these are going to be some pretty high paying roles and I wanted to get into these Roles because these were actually requested by someone so I have different roles for different levels of experience different skill sets I’ve got a little bit of everything for you guys today so I wanted to be nice and include those extra rolls so we’re going to loop back Around to the cash app opportunity I wanted to start with this opportunity because a lot of you have been saying Jazzy I used to work in the healthcare field or I currently work in healthcare as a patient care technician or as a medical assistant I don’t really want to Do that anymore I want to be able to still use those skills but to do it remotely what do you have so this is a company called teledoc and what they basically do is they are a platform that makes it easier for people to Access healthcare resources as far as like Scheduling appointments getting assistance with different like health care plans things of that nature so this is a company that a lot of you have probably heard of so when it comes to the role that we’re going to talk about today we’re going to start off with the Fulfillment coordinator role because This one is no phones I know you all don’t like the phones so with this particular role I do want to start off by saying that they will train you for this role so if you don’t have a whole lot of experience it’s okay because these roles that I talk about do come With training so the RX fulfillment coordinator plays an integral part in ensuring Superior care of patients treated through teledoc so the RX fulfillment coordinator will apply Professional Knowledge and processing prescriptions ordered by teledoc providers that support those teledoc providers as dictated by policies and guidelines so you’re going to deliver Exceptional customer service to members providers and pharmacies you’ll most likely be talking to pharmacies or the health care providers that are um you know sending out those prescriptions so this one is going to be a little bit of a mixture of phones and emails however the next one that we talk About is going to be no phones strictly no phones okay so high school diploma if you’ve got an active pharmacy tech certification any type of medical assistant certification vocational nurse anything that you’ve done in a healthcare setting is perfect if you don’t have that what we’ll supplement is If you’ve got experience in a call center environment okay so again if you’ve got that medical background as an LPN LVN pharmacy tech that’s one thing if you don’t have that then you can supplement it with your call center experience and if you are bilingual that Is a plus remember we said that they will train you so if you’re not hitting every single bullet point here it’s okay still apply yes I have the resumes available for you now this base salary starts at twenty dollars per hour it’s going to go up depending on your Experience and your background you’re also going to get performance bonuses benefits and a whole lot of other cool compensation so that is going to be the RX fulfillment coordinator if you want to fulfill prescriptions answer questions about prescriptions you know send out emails about those prescriptions anything electronically Related to it that’s going to be a perfect role for you and yes we do have the resumes for this I’ve already placed these in your portal so the next company that we’re going to get into before we Circle back to cash app is going to be clear bit now clearbit is Going to be they’re kind of like a platform that helps businesses like Elevate their marketing and their customer Outreach the particular role that we’re going to look at is not a marketing role it is a customer experience role this one is remote full time in the US and let’s just get into this So it says respond to customer inquiries um via the ticketing software zendesk we’ve talked a lot about zendesk it is a ticketing system so a lot of you have worked in like call centers or you’ve done like some type of technical support everybody’s got like a different ticketing system zendesk isn’t that Different from the other ticketing systems if you can type an email and hit save on it and assign like um a severity level to it you can work a ticket desk okay it’s very easy so 250 tickets a month that may sound like a lot but understand that this is not for One person this is by team so ultimately if you’ve got 10 people on your team then that would be 25 tickets per month that you’re looking at um triaging so that’s like probably I don’t know four or five tickets a week so maybe one or two tickets a day if you Were on a team with like 10 people um so what you’ll be doing is you you will be responsible for refunding counseling or modifying subscriptions as necessary via the payment provider stripe so again if you can you know go into a computer and hit refund that would be something that would make you Qualified to do this job anything above that you’re going to want to escalate it to the support Engineers okay so you’re not doing any like heavy lifting you’re kind of doing like those uh tier one calls um and not calls but tier one tickets that are coming in for people saying Hey I meant to cancel my subscription can I get a refund things of that you know so with this it’s going to start off at 45 000 to around 53 000 a year which is like 26 dollars per hour again this goes up according to your experience and any Type of skill set that you can articulate and speak to during the interview so you’re going to also get a company bonus you’re going to also get equity in the company which is stock options in the company okay all of that is free money so this whole 53 000 a Year like say hypothetically they give you a hundred thousand in equity and invest over four years that’s extra twenty five thousand dollars in equity um that you would get after your first year so never like downplay stock options because stock options have literally paid off my student loans okay Just saying and your girl had six figures in student loans okay so resumes are available for this as well in your portal if you have the subscription I’ve already sent you the email so so please make sure you go out and apply now let’s get into Cash app because I really Thought that the um the roles that they had at Cash app were really really cool so let’s get into some of these roles I think it’s under let’s just go to see all jobs there we go so the role that we’re gonna do is going to be a come Appliance role and this is going to be the compliance appeals specialist role for cash out okay so let’s talk about this role because I know the name can intimidate people and I don’t want you to be intimidated because you’ve probably got more experience in this than you realize employees can work Remotely so ignore where it says like Chicago or San Francisco cash app is a very remote friendly company they’re very like chill they’re based out of…

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