write an article in 1000 words from this youtube video transcript and provide paragraph and table of contentWell hello my loves It’s Me Jazzy Mac and today  I have the perfect work from home opportunity   it’s not just going to be for Enterprise  work from home I’m actually going to show   you a couple of companies that are going to be  for Global work from home so a lot of you have   Been saying Jazzy I live in the Caribbean and  Jazzy I live in Australia I live in Asia do   they have anything and so yes this is going to  be Global work from home International work from   home for pretty much everyone so this Enterprise  position I wanted to save this one for last of   Course we’re going to talk about the salary and  I’m going to do the resume breakdown for you but   I wanted to go ahead and show the international  opportunities that are going to be for people not   Only in the US but also for people outside of the  US so let’s start with that super quick and this   first company this is going to be the one for  pretty much anyone because here it’s it’s for   A company called turnitin many of you have heard  of turnitin you’ve probably used it in college   you have probably used it for like proctored  exams that sort of stuff and I do want to point   out that they say they have offices in Australia  Indonesia Germany Japan South Korea Netherlands   Sweden the UK and the United States so again this  is a global opportunity um International and the   one that I want to show you is very specific  if you kind of scroll down and you take a look   You’ll see that they’ve got you know all these uh  Global positions and they’re all remote they are a   remote first company so even if you don’t see your  specific City understand that it is fully fully   Remote okay like that says USA remote that says UK  remote you can still work globally for for any of   the these positions so I do want to point that out  I don’t want people saying I don’t live in that   Particular area apply anyway apply okay I don’t  want to hear any more excuses about why you’re   not applying apply this is a remote first company  so the role that we’re going to look at today is   going to be the technical support representative  tier 2. this right here you can completely ignore   Um I want to say that this was a copy paste error  from probably like the recruiter that did not   specify the location or probably meant for it to  be Global and I do want to put here or I do want   To point out here that it says employees can work  remotely and that is remotely anywhere again I   want to emphasize that they are a global company  and I have Insider information that they are a   global company so please ignore this part because  they are hiring Nationwide and also outside   Out of the U.S for this particular position  okay so what I want to point out about this   job is it says it assists the tier one support  team by being a liaison between the support and   development teams they work closely with these  teams to share information about bugs and discuss   Upcoming releases now what pretty much happens  on your day-to-day is you’re going to provide   technical support either through email or chat  or telephone for the people that are taking exams   that are reporting technical issues so if someone  is in the middle of taking a proctored exam they   Say hey for some reason I can’t log into the  exam it’s not working then you would be the   person that would kind of be behind the scenes  trying to troubleshoot why that customer can’t   you know like access the exam or why they may  be getting some sort of error message so this   Is going to be like I said a tier two role and a  lot of you have said Jazzy worked in education how   can I shift from education into something else  well this is going to be how you do it okay if   You’ve ever worked with LMS this is going to be  perfect for you and this is going to be something   that you can easily easily adjust into so I want  you to ignore the thing about having a bachelor’s   Degree that is just it’s a preference it is not  something that you absolutely have to have what   they really want you to have is a little bit of  experience with doing any type of ticketing so   If you’ve ever had to do tickets like in a help  desk or you know customer support call center you   had to do tickets about things that is relevant  experience so make sure you’re not like you’re   not downplaying your experience and LMS just  stands for learning management system they will   Train you they will absolutely as it says they  provide one-on-one coaching to peers so they   do you have training so I don’t want you to be  intimidated by this job the ones that I’m going   To show you for Enterprise those are going to be  a little bit more entry level friendly but I do   just want to you know emphasize it again remote  first culture they’ve got tuition reimbursement   they’ve got self-care days that they give you  off they’ve got you know national holidays paid   Volunteer time off like this is just a truly truly  really cool job to have okay um one of my friends   back when we were in college they used to work  for the same company and they absolutely loved   It so again ignore the location this is actually  a global position you want to make sure that you   go ahead and submit your application as soon as  possible because it will go quickly and you know   While you’re at it look at the other jobs that  are also hiring like they’ve got you know software   engineering jobs they’ve got Finance they’ve got  you know sales development jobs for people that   Kind of want to be you know they want to get that  good old commission and that sort of stuff so this   is just something that you know is a really great  opportunity for you all and let me know when you   Apply I did do a resume for it the resumes are  going to be down below in the description box   if you need to download them so let’s go ahead  and hop into the Enterprise uh work from home   Opportunities and let’s talk about that but first  you know I gotta do some shout outs so I know I’ve   shouted out Jazz before but I wanted to like just  give her a special shout out because I know she   Just started working at Amazon this week so Jazz  I hope that you are having an awesome first week   you know at all at Amazon and girl I’m gonna need  my discount soon okay but she said a few weeks ago   I’m hired thanks for putting this Jewel in my  back pocket and then um this gentleman actually   applied for the Delta work from home position  and that one went fast and he just started on   February 13th so we hope that you had an awesome  first week or are having an awesome first week at   Delta congratulations to you and then Caribbean  Beauty said hey Jazzy I want to thank you I was   offered a position with American Red Cross for the  people that have no experience working remotely or   for customer service roles as Jazzy says they do  train you I had no experience in a call center   Environment and was hired to start February 27th I  hope everyone stays persistent and applies listen   if you are applying to these jobs and you’re not  getting them what I need for you to do is take   A step back think about what you’re grateful for  what you have good things come to those that are   persistent and that practice gratitude okay so  your time is coming just like this young lady   said she had no experience and they still hired  her you can be the next success story and…

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