Generate article in 1000 words and keep html headings based on this youtube scripts Well hello my loves It’s Me Jazzy Mac and I have  several work from home opportunities and some of   these opportunities including the GoFundMe  opportunity is going to be completely work   from home no phones equipment provided and it’s  going to pay a very very high starting salary   And training is going to be provided so we all  are familiar with GoFundMe and I think this is   probably one of the most well-known like places  where people collect funds for like charity but   also for like education and emergencies and things  of that nature so we’re definitely going to break   Down the GoFundMe job and I want to make sure I  break down the resume for you all because I want   to make sure that you’re hitting those hot words  those keywords because I really need you all to   Understand what these recruiters are looking for  but first we’re going to come back to this job I   want to give you a quick reminder that Amazon  is still hiring virtual all over the US for   the customer support specialist job I’ve done  videos on this job before and this is going   To be on the shopbop team which is where they  sell like the high luxury in like um bags and   accessories and you know like really expensive  stuff so they did have a uh like chat support   And phone support option and it’s going to pay  19 an hour minimum that is just the minimum you   can make more than that because if you scroll down  here at the bottom they can actually pay up to 53   000 per year which is like 26 dollars per hour  so please make sure you go and check out this job   resume templates are down below in the description  box if you have the resume subscription then   obviously this is already in your resume Library  I’ve already done the resume for you so that’s   Available we talked about Elvis for those of  you that are looking for part-time careers they   definitely had a part-time position available and  it was very entry-level sort of beginner friendly   so that position is going to be this one the  client experience associate role so this is just a   Quick reminder for those of you that want to apply  for this role it’s going to pay twenty dollars per   hour yes they provide equipment yes they provide  training I’ve done the resumes for this as well   So they also allow you to have a Wi-Fi connection  you do not have to have a hardwired connection so   this is a job that you all need to make sure you  also look for if you’re into part-time if that’s   What you need at this moment they do have very  flexible hours so I know a lot of people are   like hey do they have anything that’s like later  in the afternoons or later in the evenings after   I pick up my kids yes you can totally structure  your schedule around that so as I said we’re going   to break down this GoFundMe opportunity um but  the first thing I got to do y’all know I have to   Give shout outs okay because people are getting  jobs left and right and you need to be my next   success story so Keisha she said I got a job offer  from CVS Aetna Health and I start February 7th OMG   Keisha we’re so excited for you we cannot wait we  hope that you have an amazing first day and first   week of work congratulations to you we’re proud of  you and then afro curly Samurai said hey everyone   I applied for the Starbucks service desk analyst  position I got the job about three weeks ago it’s   fully remote and she went on to say that the job  actually paid her 32 dollars per hour so this was   A work from home job at Starbucks congratulations  to you we’re so inspired and of course jazz uh   come in about a month ago and said that she was  hired for Amazon she started on February 13th for   That position that I just just showed you all that  is the same exact position that I just showed you   they are still hiring so make sure that you apply  to Shonda said thank you from the bottom of my   Heart I got hired at Progressive Jazzy you’re the  bomb love you we’re so proud of you tashonda thank   you so much and monoxi said Jazzy I am glad to  announce that I got selected by Comcast and I am   Starting in April congratulations to you Mimi said  thank you for teaching us how to edit our resumes   to better match description I just got offered a  job congratulations to you Mimi and Java said I   got the job with Cigna Healthcare thank you y’all  y’all have made my entire day okay this like this   Just really really makes me so happy to see you  taking the resume templates you use them you apply   them you tweak your resume you submit you now  have this renewed like just this amazing level   of confidence you’re applying for jobs that you  didn’t even think you could be qualified for and   You’re actually getting them and you’re getting  like the money that you expected and more so I’m   so freaking excited for all of you so like we  said we’re going to come back to GoFundMe there   Is one more job that I wanted to show you I have  another bonus job this bonus job is going to be   um it’s a full-time role and it  pays about 25 dollars per hour   um and this is going to also be a customer  support associate role so if you’ve never heard of   Um Fanatics they’re kind of like a gaming  company like if you’ve ever done like sports bets   um you can do it through Fanatics so like  people that like to do like fantasy football   or maybe they like to bet on like um horses  and stuff they do it through this platform   So basically you would be a customer support  associate and you’re basically going to do   what they call liaising between the Fanatics  Collectibles and consumers by supporting their   inquiries and issues this could be things like hey  can you reset my account or you know I’m having an   Issue adding money to my account um those would  be some of the things that you might work with   and it does say that you might work with customers  through telephone email or other direct channels   those other direct channels could be things  like Facebook or it could be things like Twitter   Because they do have a Facebook and Twitter so  you would just need to talk to the recruiter to   say you know what your preference would be do  you want to do like the social media channels   Or would you prefer to do more like email or do  you want to talk to people some people actually   really love talking on the phone um so yeah  that’s going to be pretty much it they do   provide training to you they also provide you  the equipment all they really want you to have   Is like proficiency with Microsoft Word and  Excel which most of you already have that   um and the ability to work through  email interactions and if you want the   um flexibility of working evenings and weekends so  it says that salary range is 20 to 25 dollars per   Hour that’s only for base pay that doesn’t even  include your short term or long-term incentive   which I’m thinking this is probably like they may  give you a sign-on bonus for short term and then   long term could be like the annual performance  bonuses some companies do like stock so there’s   Like a whole just a bunch of different ways that  you can get compensation so this is just a really   great position for anyone that you know obviously  wants to work from home and you obviously like   don’t want to do anything that’s like high stress  this is also California friendly it is totally   U.S friendly but I wanted to point out this is  California friendly as well as New York friendly   so this is the job let’s go ahead and look…

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