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Generate article in 1000 words and keep html headings based on this youtube scripts Well hello my loves It’s Me Jazzy Mack and today  the Starbucks work from home no phones opportunity   is back you all know Starbucks we all love it  and I just wanted to bring this opportunity to   you guys because someone else saw my previous  Starbucks video and she shared a lot of great   News so this was from afro curly who said hello  everyone and Jazzy I applied for the service   desk analyst position for Starbucks I got the  job about three weeks ago and again thank you   Jazzy for providing the tips on applying for the  jobs you have given us and as we read on we see   that the rate that they paid heard was 32 dollars  per hour yes they provided the equipment yes they   Trained her and yes she is fully remote so that  opportunity has come back around I will definitely   show you all how to navigate to that opportunity  but first for those of you that wanted to do   something that was a little bit more flexible  some people were saying that they wanted to do   Something that was overnight I have the perfect  opportunity for you as well but if you don’t have   much experience what I’d love for you all to  do is take a look at this opportunity which is   going to be for none other than Lululemon now if  you’ve never heard of Lululemon they are basically   Um they’re like an apparel company right so you’ve  probably seen this logo before they sell like   these really high-end like you know um leggings  and workout clothes and things of that nature   it’s a really cool company you probably also heard  Chris Rock talking about it in his comedy special   But they are hiring so a lot of you have said well  Jazzy I don’t have a whole bunch of experience   what can I do that’s kind of like low stress you  know low level they are hiring from everything   From a call center support chat support um email  support so if you don’t really want to be on the   phones I would highly highly highly encourage you  to speak with the recruiter to say hey I want to   Be more on the live chat side or I want to do more  of the email support side or I want to do the text   message support side I know people have kids and  things of that nature so you’re like I got to do   Something that’s flexible so the pay is really  really good now for this to be a like support   center position they pay up to 26 dollars per hour  okay so this is great because they have full-time   roles and then they’ve also got part-time roles  available as well so you have the option of   Working either and what they’re saying for your  qualifications is they want you to have a year   of customer service experience and then be able  to do two and a half weeks of full-time training   um and of course if you choose to do part-time  that’s totally up to you afterwards but yeah this   Is a great opportunity so that link is down below  now listen we’re we’re totally going to get into   the Starbucks interview questions but I do want  to tell you about these roles first because you   Need to be prepared for the role and you need to  know what type of questions they’re going to ask   you because if you don’t pass these questions  then obviously you wouldn’t get the job so what   Starbucks has available there are no phones role  if you come over here to their career website   It’s going to be a couple of different roles so  the first one that I wanted to show you is the   service desk analyst role and here is the  job number for all the people that are like   I can’t find it and I’m like it’s there  it’s there so this job just got posted   Um and the pay range is going to be up to eighty  thousand dollars annually which is about forty   dollars per hour um we saw the previous person um  they started her off at about 32 or 33 dollars per   Hour so the hours are going to go from 7 30 P.M to  6 30 a.m now if you cannot do an overnight shift   no worries we’ve got another position here that  is going to be for a day shift now this position   Is as business systems analyst position here’s  the job number and it pays up to a hundred and   six thousand dollars annually so anywhere from 63k  to 106 K okay so let’s talk about these jobs what   would you do as a service desk analyst so it says  you’re going to provide technical assistance and   Support for incoming queries related to computer  systems and software and Hardware so what that is   going to kind of break down to is you’re probably  going to be working a ticketing system uh working   tickets and these could be tickets related to  someone saying hey I’m calling from the local   Starbucks store uh our computer system shut down  could you give us a reboot you know can you do a   remote or manual reboot of our system so that we  can get that back up and running so you would do   Those troubleshooting steps with them um and you  know anything else that’s related to answering   their questions or helping them get back to some  sort of resolution to make sure that business runs   smoothly so your basic qualifications are going to  be experienced in a call center environment um and   Using a ticketing system or any type of POS system  that’s a fancy way of saying a cash register so   if you’ve worked at McDonald’s you’ve worked at  Burger King You’ve you’ve used POS systems before   Okay so those are the hours again it’s a very high  paying role this can go up into the 80 000 range   forty dollars an hour range so yes it is fully  fully remote so I just wanted to quickly before   We do the Starbucks interview questions I had to  like do my shout outs because I’m proud of you   all so the raspberry experience said hey Jazzy I  got the job with Enterprise for the account Fleet   coordinator thank you for letting us know about  this position and sharing your knowledge about   Perfecting our resumes and that person said it was  kind of like a good look charm their daughter was   because they started on um March 20th so so proud  of you raspberry experience and then clay Delena   Said I got the Delta Elite job thank you so much  for this that was the of remote work from home   like customer service job so that was the one that  we talked about previously if you haven’t watched   That video you can check it out I’m not sure if  they’re still hiring but congratulations to you   clade and then Shamika said hey just wanted to  let you know or just wanted to say thank you I   Was hired at Apple for the work from home job  it’s my fourth day of orientation and I’m so   grateful for the opportunity thank you so so much  then of course jazz got hired for the Amazon role   that started February 13th and that was for the  customer support uh work from home position with   Amazon and then Jay said hey Jazzy I got hired at  Comcast for the inbound sales role when I tell you   sales people make crazy crazy amazing commissions  I’ve literally seen people make six figures in   commission alone in addition to their base salary  so congratulations to all you wonderful people now   When we talk about these interview questions um  they’re going to be similar for these roles this   is a service desk role it is probably more like  a tier one uh support role but it isn’t a phones   Role per se it’s more of like a a ticketing like  help desk role and then this one the business   systems analyst role it is it’s it’s a similar  role but you might be asked to do you know Q   Monitoring or issue resolution but you’re going  to also probably you know…

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