Generate article in 1000 words and keep html headings based on this youtube scripts Well hello they’re beautiful people it is Me Jazzy Mack and I am super duper excited to talk about today’s work from home opportunity with JetBlue the airlines yes so I’m excited to talk about this opportunity because a lot of you missed out on the Delta opportunity and the Southwest Airlines opportunity So for this one I want you to make sure that you take some notes because I’m going to go over a couple of different roles and because I love you so much I’m also going to show you some bonus roles for Marriott as well these roles are Going to pay starting at about forty dollars per hour for one of the roles that I’m going to show you so make sure you take some notes if you need the resumes I’ve already completed the resumes for all of these jobs they’re down below in the description box if you Get the YouTube bundle make sure you grab that and let’s go ahead and get started I also have some part-time roles available as well so a little something for everyone body so what I want to do actually because we got so many questions about Marriott is I want to Start with that position first and then we’ll come back to this Jet Blue position so for this Marriott position this one’s this uh manager role um in Revenue any of you guys that have worked in Revenue like Payroll Services um if you did any type of like procurement maybe contract management All that type of stuff is going to be really great experience for this role it is remote please ignore the location Marriott does hire nationally and internationally this is just kind of like their home base location but it is fully remote As noted here in the job Title so it basically says that this person is going to be going to be responsible for managing uh the rooms and inventory and how it’s allocated to maximize the revenue and profit so they’re kind of going to be looking at the revenue like in the form of spreadsheets and they’re going to be Looking at how to increase that Revenue based on like building out the rates for different rooms or the packages or any type of Hotel sales strategy that will increase the revenue that they’re bringing in from people that are booking those rooms so it says the position recommends pricing and positioning for Those properties and then in addition the position oversees the inventory management style to verify appropriateness of agreed upon selling strategies so they’re all about strategies they’re not physically picking up any inventory or anything like that but they’re all about looking in the system and saying okay how is the Inventory being managed are we paying too much for storage you know are we paying too much for the furniture that we’re purchasing for these properties so their whole thing is analyzing the revenue and profit and the demand that comes with those hotel rooms so what they’re saying is have two years of experience Um in some type of Revenue management sales marketing or any related professional area Okay so that’s going to be pretty much the bulk of it um again I’ve done the resumes for these as well I want to get to the fun part which is how much they pay and yes these jobs Are available nationally California Colorado New York I know those are usually the states that a lot of people pick on they’re like oh we don’t hire there so yes these salary ranges start at 81 000 and they go up to 174 000 if you are in California if you’re in New York it’s 98 to 174 000. um and if you were in Washington it would start at 81 or 81 000 which is like a little over forty dollars per hour and again this is all going to vary by what state you live in you don’t have To live in these states but these are just like uh the federal guidelines for these states the salary has to be listed for the these particular States but it is Nation why you do get you know all the little nice benefits the medical life insurance you get the 401K get the Stock and then you get the major discounts at Marriott so if anybody gets a job there I’m gonna need you to give me a room okay for like free 99 because I showed you an awesome opportunity so now if you aren’t so experienced if you’re a little bit newer to the game You can apply for the market research analyst position here is the job number 23050816 again ignore the location because it is remote and it also says that it is located remotely okay okay so yes it is located remotely so this is going to be more of a data entry Position okay you’re going to enter retrieve and verify information that is entered into the system that is involved in the sales price process so you’re going to infer enter information related to the commissions that are related to any type of leads or third parties that’s going to be the information that You’re ultimately going to enter into the system so filing sending emails doing some typing I guarantee you’re not going to be faxing anything that’s probably outdated but this job is 24 per hour again it is Nationwide please ignore the location these localities just have to be listed out to the federal guidelines And you do get full benefits this is a full-time job so you’re going to get all of the perks that come with a full-time job and this job number is listed here make sure you apply ASAP because the last time I posted Marriott job like it Went fast like crazy crazy fast okay so now we’ve got the Yelp part-time opportunity and then we’re going to circle back to this JetBlue opportunity but first you know I gotta do some shout outs because clay got the Delta job that was the Delta work from home job Um I wonder when your start date is let me know and then Cassie said Jesse even though I didn’t get a work from home job that you posted I did land a job as a project manager using your tips and gems I thank you for everything you’ve given Me confidence to step back into my career I started my new job March 27th God bless you and everyone else congratulations to you Cassie and then we had the raspberry experience that said I got a job with Enterprise for the account Fleet coordinator position congratulations to you Ken said I Apologize these steps and got the job with Progressive Insurance congratulations Ken and then Mercedes said hey there I got hired at Comcast my start date is April 3rd so we hope you are having a fantabulous first week I hope it’s going amazing Mercedes and then shy also said she was contacted by Comcast and just got the job and then Gabrielle said hey Jazzy thank you so much for claiming the job for me I just got offered the job for you tonight Health Group I start my training class on April 10th and yes United Health Group is actually still hiring so make Sure you check out those opportunities you go talk to these people in the comments get some advice form if you’re feeling a little bit antsy about everything so yo okay let’s get back to Yelp they do have one part-time position um if you go to their website and click On part time over here you’re going to see two opportunities the one that we’re going to look at is for the social media specialist opportunity okay so it says one thing that I want to point out is a lot of people say Jazzy I don’t have experience I don’t check everything in The Box here they clearly say we love to have you apply even if you don’t feel you meet every single requirement in this posting at Yelp we’re looking for great people not this…

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