Write an article based on this youtube script Well hello there beautiful people it is Me Jazzy Mack and I’m super excited to talk about this Marriott work from home opportunity this one is going to be completely remote it is a data entry opportunity no experience is necessary and yes they will provide the equipment To you and yes Wi-Fi is okay so let’s talk about that opportunity and then I’m going to give you some bonus work from home part-time opportunities as well so let’s go ahead and hop right in I wanted to remind you all of Starry if you have Not heard of Starry it is an internet service provider company so we’re definitely going to get back into the Marriott opportunity but just super quick for people that have been asking about part-time you can do the story expert part-time position it is basically going to be a position where You’re working with customers either through email or live chat to do internet signups um at Advanced network settings you know people that might have trouble connecting to their internet or people that are not able to um you know reboot their router if something is going on so you’re going to also support Customers with things like billing support uh issuing credits doing transfer transfers or cancellations things of that nature and investigating any type of Wi-Fi network connection issues that they might be having so what’s really cool about this opportunity is you don’t need a whole bunch of experience they do provide Training to you and they do provide the equipment to you one of the hot words that you’re going to want to have on your resume is going to be zendesk if you’ve guys in this experience and remote work experience is also a plus it is not a deal breaker if you don’t have It if you are a bilingual Spanish or Korean speaker that’s going to be what they consider bonus points again if you do not have that experience it is not a deal breaker because they do provide you with training so this is a 19 per hour wrong Um that can go up depending on where you are located within the United States and what kind of experience you have so that’s going to be the part-time opportunity for you all again I have to emphasize that Amazon is still hiring for their work from home customer support specialist position that’s for Shop Bob you know where they sell like the high-end sort of um fashion accessories you know the clothing and the Handbags and all that wonderful stuff so make sure you apply if you’re interested in that opportunity I do have the resumes down below for you all I’ve already done the resumes for You as well so these are the two opportunities that I wanted to mention in addition there is a customer support manager position and guess what they’re craving they’re craving people that have worked in a call center before so if you’ve ever worked in a call center even If you weren’t a manager in a call center the fact that you work in a call center is going to be a major plus this is not a phones roll this is more of a manager um like lead position for you all and so with this if you’ve ever experienced Working with tier one support or tier two support this is going to be right up your alley okay so I’ve done the resume for this as well and the salary range is going to go from 80 000 to 100 000 okay you can easily slide into six figures with this particular uh position You also get a 401k you get 12 weeks of pay parental leave for all of you people that say Hey Jazzy I am expecting a baby or I’m planning to have a baby so make sure you apply for this job these shops do go quick okay I can’t emphasize that Enough so let’s go ahead and hop into the Marriott opportunity okay this one is again going to be no phones oh wait I gotta do my little shout outs super quick because Miss raspberry said hey Jazzy I got the job with Enterprise account Fleet coordinator thank you so Much for this position for this position is sharing your knowledge about perfecting our resumes so congratulations to you I hope that your first day goes amazing and then miss Helena said I got the Delta Elite work from home job thank you so much for this girl I’m still waiting on my buddy pass Let me know when you get it just kidding and then Queen K said update I applied for the position at Walmart as a resolutions coordinator back in January I’ve been doing this job since February started work March the 13th and now I’m in training I have one week of training Left and I love my job and everything I’m learning that was a work from home position for Walmart a bunch of people were like Walmart doesn’t hire for work from home and I was like duh and obviously Queen K said the same thing so congratulations see you very excited for You and then miss shy said hey Jazzy Comcast contacted me and let me know that I got the job thank you so much I was really discouraged but I would not have known about this position if I hadn’t watched your videos thank you for being so inspirational and motivational You’ve helped me a lot congratulations to all you people I’m very proud of you I’m very excited that you all are like Landing these amazing positions like these are not positions that you have to stay in forever okay you can stay in these positions for six months or even a Year get you some training move up in the company and literally be making six figures by the end of the year that is how it works that’s how I did it so let’s talk about this Marriott career the one that we’re going to look at is called the data entry clerk here’s the Job number for you all okay as it says here it is a remote based position so please ignore the location that we’re about to look at okay this is obviously back in the olden days where people would work on site this is probably uh a sort of outdated job position Um that has not been updated to reflect like covet pandemic and like remote work life but it does still say that it is a remote based position all right located remotely it’s like all over here so your job as a data entry clerk in the National group sales department is going To be to enter and locate work related information using computers or point of sale systems you’re going to trans inform transmit information or documents using a computer that they will provide to you so you’re going to basically be responsible for retrieving information filing information that relates to things like reservations or inquiries From guests you’re going to pretty much do that that’s going to pretty much be the bulk of your job okay this doesn’t really say anything about talking on the phones or traveling or anything like that again this whole part about sitting and standing for a new steering extended Period of time it’s kind of outdated that’s where if people actually worked in the office but that’s going to be it so they have not put any hard requirements on this um as far as your experience goes so this is pretty much considered like entry level friendly um this applies for California Colorado Then solve 50 States but these are the states where they have to list out the paid ranges so no you’re not limited to living in California Colorado New York things of that nature this is just simply like a federal guidelines where they have to list out okay so 18 to 23 Dollars per hour is what this job is going to pay obviously that can change based on your experience uh you do get full medical dental vision you’ve got the 401K they also do paid parental leave…

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