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Write 1000 words article and add html headings based on this youtube scriptHello everyone it’s Me Jazzy Mack and I have a  few different opportunities for those of you that   wanted to see more work from home opportunities  with no phones so both of the opportunities that   I’m going to show you today are going to be for no  phones and they are going to be beginner friendly   for those of you that have never worked from  home or just don’t have much job experience so   I am doing this video at the request of Janet she  said do you know of any stay-at-home mom friendly   jobs yes Janet I do and I’m here to support you  but quick shout out to Shanice she said I just   got hired for the resolution specialist position  for Walmart congratulations to you and kanitra   Said good great news I was hired for discover had  my second interview today and was hired thanks uh   congratulations to you kanitra bands G said thank  you so much for your knowledge you have helped me   Get hired at Amex so congratulations to you all  I am so excited for all of you that are putting   forth the effort to get these jobs to start these  jobs even when you’re nervous you apply you use   The resume templates you use the advice that  I give you and look what happened so the first   job I’m going to start with I’m actually going to  do a different role for the ones that don’t have   Much experience if you’re new to the whole work  from home or you don’t really you know you’re   kind of just you’ve taken a break from working  for a few years that’s totally okay this first   job is going to be a chat support chat support  service agent and yes it’s fully remote it is   Virtual anywhere in the U.S so this is going to  be for a company called Sitel group and it says   we deliver leading customer experience solutions  to Global Insurance clients okay what I want you   to understand is this particular role does not  have cold calling okay and they will 100 percent   Train you so you do not need to have any prior  experience the only qualifications that they want   you to have is a high school diploma or a GED we  are going to do the resume demonstration that’s   Going to be down below in the description box if  you need a resume so don’t worry about that they   will provide you with equipment as far as the  laptop is concerned and they want you to just   be comfortable supporting customers and be able  to work a full-time shift now things that they’re   Saying are nice to have but is not a requirement  it’s nice if you have customer support experience   through chat and email but it’s not required  it’s nice if you have contact center experience   but not required it’s nice if you have history  with payment processing systems and financial   Services but it is not required so please do  not you know like discount your experience   don’t shortchange yourself okay so I want to also  call out some other things that you’ll be doing   um it says you’re going to drive customer support  through digital communication respond to customer   Inquiries again all of this is going to  be through uh chat support and the pay is   going to be 15 per hour remember everything is  negotiable but 15 per hour is pretty darn aren’t   good so let’s go ahead and look at the resume  demonstration before we go to the Best Buy roll   I’ll do that role next I want to go ahead and do  this resume demonstration for those of you that   you know are intimidated by resumes and  stuff like that because I’m here to help   you and educate you and again this template  is going to be down below in the description   Box in the ultimate bundle kit so let’s say you  are someone that has you know just a few years   of customer support maybe you’ve worked in a  call center some of the things from that job   description that you want to make sure you  call out because it is a hot word remember   Hot words the more of those hot words you have  in your resume the higher your chances are of   getting the job interview and having a recruiter  contact you now we did see the word kpi in there   Um that’s a key performance indicator and so if  you’ve ever worked in any type of call center   or online support you know average handle  time uh QA customer satisfaction surveys   those are all things that you are familiar  with um obviously it’s a chat support role   So we want to say that you’re excited to bring  your skills and customer enthusiasts as them to   the chat support team obviously chat support  is going to be a hot word in this situation   um some of the other things that you may want to  call out based on your experience because I never   Want you to lie about your experience is if you’ve  ever done if why can I talk if you’ve ever done   any type of inbound support that obviously would  be a great thing to call out if you’re familiar   with having like customer satisfaction surveys  done you know definitely call those things out   Um if you have ever you know had  to do any type of escalations   um to tier two support or to a manager call that  out make sure you call out you know something   about the whole times to just let them know that  you’re aware of how to best support customers so   Again this resume is down below in the description  box if you need it it’s fully editable and it’s   available for you now let’s go ahead and hop over  to the Best Buy role because I think that’s a role   That you all are going to really really like  and also find familiar now it is a customer   experience insights role okay this is just those  people that sometimes they’ll listen to calls or   sometimes they’ll read surveys that a customer has  filled out if they had a bad experience and these   Are going to be the people that look into those  surveys and say wait what happened why did this   customer have a bad experience who do I need to  forward this complaint to or you know what can we   Do as a company to make sure that this customer  has a better experience you know do the agents   need training do the agents need some sort of  coaching around you know how to escalate things   So this role is remote which means you would work  virtually from home okay it is fully remote I get   a lot of questions about California and New  York this is a fully fully remote role so the   um role is a part of the customer experience  measurement and insights team within the customer   Office this role will analyze customer feedback  from different interactions and synthesize those   data points into insights that is a fancy way of  saying we’re going to take a customer’s survey   and we’re going to determine if it is an ongoing  issue that lots of customers are having or if it’s   Just like a one-off okay so the whole storytelling  aspect is used a lot in like these technical roles   because you basically are trying to put together  a story from what the customer is saying that they   experienced and you’re trying to basically put  these pieces of the puzzle together to see if your   Company overall has a good customer uh service  you know so your responsibilities are going to be   analyzing customer experience through feedback  sources so this could be an email survey that   they got when you know they purchased a product  online it could have been you know the survey on   The bottom of their receipt when they went into  an actual store and had an interaction with a   um you know a representative so those are  going to be the various feedback sources   you’re going to build and deliver reports on  customer experience we’ve talked about that   Utilizing The Art of Storytelling storytelling so  those of you that you know have a a really nice   um…

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