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Write 1000 word articles and add html headings based on this youtube scriptGuess who has work from home data entry jobs  this girl so of course today we’re going to   talk about the data entry jobs yes they are 100  remote yes we’ll get into the salary and the job   Description and I will do my resume demos that I  know you guys love and we will talk about you know   different things um that you’ll need to have in  order to qualify for this job and spoiler alert   You don’t need to have any experience and I  will talk about why you don’t so I did want   to give a super duper quick shout out to Smithy  who is going to be starting at Yelp in February   Um he saw my video that I did on Yelp he applied  and he’s got the job okay the next person I wanted   to give a shout out to is going to be Kim Evans  he saw the Discover video and he got the job at   Discover um a girl nisi is uh starting American  Express so shout out to all of you people that   actually watch these videos you apply you  get the jobs now you’re secure in the bag   I’m just so freaking excited for you guys so  thank you so much for giving me these updates   And letting me know that you’re actually like  you know staying in the loop and learning from   these videos so let’s go ahead and hop into the  first opportunity and shout out to party of six   For asking me to do this data entry job I hadn’t  even thought about that so thank you for the idea   um I’ve seen other people suggesting it so  let’s go go ahead and hop into that and of   Course you guys let me know what else you want  to see so let’s hop in alright folks so let’s   hop into these opportunities again these are  going to be data entry opportunities they’re   going to be fully remote and they are going to  be International so a lot of you say Jazzy you   Always do stuff for the us but what about us  folks that don’t live in the U.S what about us   well this is going to apply to those of you that  live outside of the United States now I’m going to   Show you the job description and of course we’ll  we’ll talk about the salary but I will also show   you the job number so make sure you look out for  that but I just want to get into CBS because CVS   Is a great company to work for of course they are  internationally known so if you were to go into   wanted to go into the medical field or anything  like that it’s just great to have on your resume   Um it’s a great place to get experience but  our first opportunity let me go here to it   and here we go so it’s going to be for the  provider data services specialist and as   you see it says International now please do not  apply for this job until you’ve seen the resume   Demonstration because there are a lot of specific  hot words that need to be in your resume in order   to increase your chances of having a recruiter  reach out to you now I do want to emphasize that   If you want the just generic resume template you  can get that but if you want the specific one that   I’m using um in this particular video and you  want the interview questions and answers make   sure you choose the option for the ultimate  resume kit that’s going to be the one that   Has the actual example that we’re doing today  but it says this individual must be a highly   motivated self-starter with the ability to work  well working in fast-paced environment and and   you’re going to be responsible for maintaining  provider provider data which is demographics   For all Network and non-network providers and  maintenance associated with projects now I do   want to emphasize that if you all don’t have  this particular experience CVS will train you   um if you’ve got any type of experience in some  sort of customer service call center collections   You’ve worked in like billing support you’ve  worked in retail services that is still all very   relevant um you know experience that goes along  with this job so don’t you know get all hung up   on oh I don’t have that particular experience so  yes they will train you now the pay for this job   Is going to be 17 to 27 dollars per hour we  always encourage you to negotiate up we want   to get you as close to that maximum amount as  possible if not more depending on where you live   um but some of the things that they want you  to have is just good organizational skills   And good communication critical thinking and  problem solving skills and be proficient in   Microsoft Office applications now a preferred  qualification is someone that’s worked with the   Aetna Data Systems again this is not a requirement  it’s just a nice to have but if you’ve never   Worked with Aetna you can always just you know  Google it Atlas like the the insurance company   and knowledge of epd and prms now let me just tell  you what those are some of you that have worked in   Like medical billing and coding you already know  what these terms are epdb is going to be extended   personal or I’m sorry it’s extended permanent  disability benefit and then prms is going to   stand for professional Risk Management Services  don’t let these acronyms fool you or you know trip   You up these are just fancy ways of saying this is  you know some abbreviations for the types of data   that you’ll be entering um so again education is  associate’s degree or equivalent work experience   That would be one to two years of work experience  and some sort of uh customer facing role so I want   to be clear that again they will train you on  a lot of these things this is an international   Role you can apply if you live outside of the Us  but make sure you put this job ID number which is   2302-086 b r okay so that’s the international  one that anyone can apply for anywhere in the   world so let’s look at the other opportunity  the other opportunity is going to be similar   Um a little bit different but I want to also point  out here’s the job ID for you it’s also a provider   data why can I say that provider provider data  services specialist now this one is again it’s   Similar but they’ve got something called um qnxt  that they are going to be entering data into and   when it comes to q and XT it’s basically just a  software that’s used to enter claim information   to process um insurance claims so if you don’t  know what that is again they will train you   On that but it’s great to have at least a basic  understanding of what Q inxt is or as some people   call it Q next is going to be a form of data entry  and just a claim system for processing claims now   Um you’re going to see acronyms like this ahcccs  um that is just a very big acronym for Arizona   health care cost contaminant system and again this  is not stuff that the everyday average person will   Know even if you’ve got experience in data entry  so it always helps to just look up these you know   acronyms so if they come up in a hiring process  if the manager is asking you if you know these   Acronyms you can at least speak to what they are  from a high level now this job is also going to   pay up to 27 per hour and they’re saying it’s  nice if you have you know ability to handle   multiple assignments you have good written  and oral communication skills but it’s also   Nice if you’ve got some SQL experience or Excel  experience we’ve all used Excel there’s Q next   again and they’re saying it’s nice if you’ve got  billing claims processing or billing knowledge let   me just tell you when it comes to like medical  billing and coding it sounds complicated but  …

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