Write an article based on this youtube script Well hello they’re beautiful people it is Me Jazzy  Mack and I am so freaking excited to present to   you this southwest careers opportunity because  one obviously it’s a work from home opportunity   but another huge benefit is the salary this  particular salary is going to go into the   Six figure range this is a very high salary yes  they hire in New York yes they hire in California   so let’s go ahead and get into this southwest  opportunity um and of course we’ve got some bonus   Opportunities for those of you that just want to  do something a little bit more entry level or if   you don’t have a bunch of work experience or if  you are returning to the workforce so the one   Thing that I want to point out about Cigna group  is that they are hiring they are on a hiring spree   this job just posted on March 30th this is a  customer service representative job and this   Job is going to be perfect for anyone that you you  know they’re saying all they want you to have is   a high school diploma be comfortable working  in a quiet environment and have about a year   of customer service experience or call center  experience now I do have other jobs that are   No phones I know you all um not everybody likes  phones some of you do but the pay for this role   again it’s entry level so it’s going to be up  to about 22 dollars per hour yes you can pretty   Much work from anywhere you know in the country  you get 18 days of PTO you’ve got paid holidays   you’ve got 401K you’ve got life insurance you’ve  got all the benefits so you can apply for this   job they’ve got other jobs like the billing uh  support representative or senior representative   That one pays a little bit more up to twenty six  dollars per hour yes we’ve got resumes already   pre-filled for these roles I’ve already added  in the hot words for you so if you need those   they are down below in the description box now  for a on phones role and remember we’re going   To get back to the Southwest roll but this is  our first non-fung roll this is going to be   the resource planning senior analyst role that  is a fancy pants way of saying this person is   responsible for doing the scheduling so what they  do is kind of plan out how many agents they’re   Going to need in the call center so this is one  of those opportunities where if you’ve got call   center experience you can jump into a very  high paying role and I’m going to tell you   Up front this role pays up to eighty two thousand  dollars per year which is like 41 dollars an hour   um depending on your experience now they’ve got  another similar role that’s called the short-term   forecasting role which is also about uh planning  com planning capacity as far as how many agents   You need on the phones you may say hey this  is going to be a busy summer so we’re probably   going to need 500 agents on the phone now you’re  not responsible for hiring those agents you’re   just responsible for basically looking at the  data and making an educated guess on how many   Agents you’re ultimately going to need how many  billing Representatives you might need or you’re   probably going to also be involved with some  coordination of like attendance uh Records so   making sure that people that call out making sure  those things are being documented you know making   Sure that people that go on like some type of  medical leave that they’re being diligent in how   they document those absences right so it says  that you’re going to coordinate with real time   and operations uh Partners to plan for tests not  included or not limited to breaks lunch meetings   Classroom and individual training and coaching so  that basically means that you’re going to account   for those things and just check people’s logs to  make sure nobody’s taking like a four hour lunch   break or to make sure that people are not you know  just just leaving while they’re still locked in   And like doing what’s called riding the clock so  you that’s the sort of forecasting that you would   possibly be doing so again this is no phones just  want you to have a high school diploma two years   of customer service or contact center call Support  Center that’s all the experience you need and this   Role starts at 75 000 and it goes up to 125 000  per year so if you’re good at scheduling things   if you’re good at checking people’s attendance  a lot of you have probably worked as like a pre   school teacher like a youth counselor maybe an  office assistant maybe you were responsible for   Managing you know people’s Personnel files  and things of that nature this is going to   be right up your alley okay so make sure if you  need the resumes you go down in the description   box they are there the ultimate resume kit  is where this is going to be listed now   I know all of you are ready to get into this  southwest careers opportunity because a lot of   you missed out on the Delta opportunity and before  we even go into it I gotta call some people to the   Front of the classroom and Shout some people  out okay because Queen K said Jazzy I have an   update I applied for the position at Walmart as a  resolution coordinator back in January on the 26th   And I’m now in training I have one week left of  training I love my job and everything I’m learning   Walmart is a great company listen for all those  people out there that say Walmart doesn’t allow   You to work from home uh proof so congratulations  to you Queen K hope you’re enjoying it and then   Clayton of course said I got the Delta Elite job  that was another work from home job uh with Delta   So if you missed out on the Delta one hey why  don’t you give this southwest opportunity to   try and Clay girl you still owe me a buddy pass  I will be waiting at baggage claim for you okay   See ya and then Cassie said Jazzy even though I  didn’t get a work from home job that you posted I   did land a job as a project manager with a major  company using your tips and gems thank you for   Everything you do I’m still going to apply for  these roles I start my new job on March 27th and   God bless you thank you so much we’re hope like I  just really hope that you’re enjoying your job so   Far that’s just really amazing that like sometimes  when you don’t get a job you can get discouraged   but you just got to keep going like seriously you  have to keep going something is going to come for   You so uh raspberry experience said hey Jazzy I  got the job with Enterprise for the account Fleet   coordinator congratulations to you and then JCC  said Jazzy I got the job at Progressive my start   date is April 24th Ken said I follow Jazzy steps  and got the job with Progressive Insurance y’all   Are on fire Mercedes said I got hired on a Comcast  my start date is April 3rd y’all are on fire I’m   so proud of you you all congratulations I love it  I love it I love it so let’s talk about this work   From home job with uh Southwest now this job is  going to be for a technology analyst ignore the   location you can work from anywhere in the U.S  the only restricted states are like West Virginia   um or something like that but still like  California friendly New York friendly and   All those other places friendly so here is the  job number because I know a bunch of people are   going to be like Charlie I can’t find it here’s  the job number okay so type that in when you’re   Looking for the job now what the heck does a  technology analyst do so glad you asked this   technology analyst position upholds our purpose  by providing Technology support to…

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