The Job Market in 2023 – What To Expect!

Generate 1000 words article and keep html heading based on this youtube scripts Outlook 2022 and in with 2023 and with it a new job market and in this video I’m going to break down what I think the labor market is going to look like this year and how to best take advantage of what’s coming our way but before we get Too far into it if you’re interested in more career related content just like this one make sure you hit that subscribe button and you might also want to hit that notification Bell so you don’t miss any future posts first of all happy New Year and let me welcome you to 2023 in the great Labor Market that’s about to unfold in front of us and so far for me started off this year nice and strong because Penn State just won the Rose Bowl so congratulations to the Nittany Alliance so I originally had plans to make an end of your video prior To the first of the year but actually ran into a bunch of sickness in my family and so you just couldn’t seem to get over it so I didn’t get a chance to make that video but I’m finally feeling up for it now now I’d say 2022 goes down It’s probably one of the most exciting years I’ve ever experienced in my career as far as the labor market this whiplashing effect back and forth is it the employer Market is it an employee market and all of you have lived through this at least I’m assuming all of you Have lived through this and we have seen just the craziest things going on and as we first started off the year we ran a major economic Boon and it was a employee driven market so employees were in high demand just across just about every industry wage growth was through the roof we were Seeing people getting multiple offers bidding wars and especially those who were in high demand jobs like I think Tech and other places where they just simply couldn’t hire enough people quickly enough unfortunately this advantageous labor market seemed to come to an end very abruptly almost as quick as it started Not really that fair to the employee but such is life so this implant pendulum that swings back and forth and I talk about this on my channel frequently the pendulum was firmly in the employee side at the start of the year we get to the midpoint of the year and it’s now Swinging kind of to the center and then at the end of the year as we finished into 2020 that the end of 2022 and now here into 2023 the pendulum seems to have swung somewhat drastically in the other direction now this isn’t for all Industries but I think in a lot of Industries we are seeing major Corrections in the labor market and in particular industries that were really booming or job types that were really booming for example the recruiter job market has fallen off of a cliff six months ago you couldn’t trip over multiple offers to be A recruiter now it’s very rare to find a very solid offer it’s becoming a much more difficult labor market for them then of course we have the tech industry which led the pace in this employment boom it seems like the spigot got shut off immediately in fact I can’t log into LinkedIn or read the news without seeing another major employer announcing a massive layoff and that can be pretty disconcerting if you’ve been a job Seeker throughout this whole process and you see this great Labor Market kind of come to an end and now suddenly we’re getting into it more difficult labor Market we also saw 2022 became the labeled job market where it seems like every single employment movement suddenly got a trendy label attached to it first we had the great resignation which happened somewhere in the 2020 to 2021 range where people got tired of working these careers that were Unfulfilling only to look around at all their fellow employees being laid off and they suddenly decided to reevaluate what they truly wanted in their work so a lot of people voluntarily left the workplace and that whole phenomenon was very very popular for that period of time in fact everywhere you turned there Was another article about the great resignation and I even made a couple videos on my channel myself and that filled the economic boom and then there was the rise of the quiet quitters quiet quitting has had a bad rap and I think honestly the term has been manipulated somewhere along the lines really Originally when that term became a thing it was about people who were tired of their jobs but didn’t want to quit so they literally scaled back to doing almost nothing but a mouse wiggle I mean it was literally you quit without physically quitting you’re still collecting a paycheck and because Employers were so desperate for employees at that time they looked at it as any productivity was better than none however the corporate world kind of manipulated and morphed it into some sort of negative or derogatory term for people who are just working to their wage so they literally seems like they Changed the definition here to people scaling back from doing all this extra work just simply to doing what they’re paid to do and rightfully so a lot of people have taken exception to it however the spirit of quiet quitting was completely different when it first started so employers took Exception to the quiet quitters and then they started to quiet fire so employers could nudge people out of the nest without actually firing them and if they could get them to quit themselves it would be even better then that concept turned into loud layoffs and Loud layoffs are people who are very vocal About being laid off they’ll log into LinkedIn and they’ll loudly declare to anybody who will listen that they’ve been laid off the purpose of that in theory is to get more attention to their profile and hopes of Landing another job quickly whether it works I don’t really Know however I have seen plenty of people declaring that they’ve been loudly laid off so the latest trend is this career cushioning and I made a recent video about what it is and you should check it out if you’re not sure because that’ll come in later in this Video but the moral of the story here is that media loves these tag phrases and that’s been a big Trend in 2022 and something tells me this is here for good we’re going to continue to see this throughout 2023 and in the spirit of layoffs as we ended the year we saw a Lot of people experiencing very traumatic layoffs at very inopportune times and in some cases people were getting laid off right before the holiday break and I even know some people who’ve been laid off in between Christmas and the first of the year so talk about really crappy timing and Happy New Year to those folks and so what that taught a lot of folks and especially those who were caught up in 2020 as well is that there’s no such thing as corporate loyalty I’ll probably talk about that whole concept in a future video but gone are the days where You can work for a single employer for 30 years collect a pension and retire comfortably not only is it not realistic but it’s also not particularly healthy if you value your career growth now it’s not to say that there isn’t a company out there that doesn’t have good career Growth where people have worked long term but I’m talking about in general across all Industries across all jobs the idea of corporate loyalty is dead the corporations are not loyal to the employees and therefore the employees should not be loyal to the company and this is where the concept of acting like A free agent comes in talk about that all throughout my channel so if you’ve gone through any of my videos on Career coaching you probably already know…

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