Top 5 Trades in 2023 to make over 100K / Blue Collar Jobs

Generate article in 1000 words and keep html headings based on this youtube scripts In this video I’m going to be going over the top five trades to get into in 2023 as the new year approaches to make a lot of money you’re watching Timmerman TV All right so if you’re watching this video and you don’t know who I am my name is Nate Halverson I go by Timberman I’ve been a carpenter and in construction for many years and I’ve had my own business for over seven years now and I’ve seen a lot of things changing in the Marketplace in the real estate economy and what’s going on with rates and that affects construction that affects trades and I feel like this video is going to give you a good idea especially if you’re someone new and you say I want to get into the trades I’ve seen what You’ve been able to do or I I just want to get my hands dirty well I’m going to give you the top five trades that I believe going into the new year are going to be the most profitable and something that you should definitely consider so again if you’re new and you Just want to get into the trades you don’t know where to start I believe this video is going to be very helpful moving into the new year and give you some direction on what you should focus on keep in mind as I go through these five options that again you should do Something that you enjoy so look through all these trades and to think to yourself well what am I going to enjoy the most again it’s not all about money gotta enjoy you do but let’s start with number five and honestly it’s what I’ve done for a long time and that’s in Finnish carpentry now finished Carpenters are gonna make good money in both new construction and in remodels and flips so what we’re seeing right now as I film this video we’re at the peak of interest rates right now which means new construction is slowing down I’m currently filming in a brand new build And I personally know this Builder and I know that he’s laid off a lot of his crew and a lot of people working within his company because construction had just slowed down on the new build side because of rates why because people are buying as much right now because rates Are so high so home sales have totally dwindled which means new construction people that are building these homes are hurting right now however that doesn’t mean that the remodel side and people that currently own homes aren’t going to continually be working on their homes and upgrading so finish carpentry again You can make at least fifty dollars an hour you can charge all the way up to 100 an hour depending on what type of finish carpentry that you’re getting into and if you want to get into some finished carpentry I have several videos on different things that you can get Started make sure to check out the rest of my channel to browse through those builds so number five I believe you can make great money definitely 80 70 80 000 plus range as a finished Carpenter and I’d say that’s pretty much throughout the US especially in major cities all Right at number four is going to be a Mason and tile Setter now I actually really enjoy tile setting I don’t do it professionally but I have done it on my personal flips and on my personal homes because it’s just it’s fun it’s cool to learn that trade and then put the Different pieces together in a shower or flooring or an accent wall or something like that but Masons and tile Setters actually can charge really good money and actually I believe that the top three model budgets for people who already own homes that are just remodeling are going to be in their Kitchens and in their bathrooms especially Master bathrooms and what’s in a lot of Master bathrooms and kitchens well you guessed it tile so if you’re a tile Setter you can charge and make a lot of money by setting tile remodeling kitchens remodeling bathrooms again when new construction picks back Up you can get with a builder and get all their kitchens get all their bathrooms I believe tile setting is something that if you’re looking to get into a trade you can definitely learn you can Master it become a master tile Setter and make a lot of money I think You can make well over 80 90 000 a year as a Mason and tile Setter so at number four tile Setter Mason keep in mind as I’m going through this list I’m really primarily focused on being an employee although you can learn your skill get into a trade and start your own business Which obviously you can make more money in your own business but I’m talking about if you’re new in the trades and you want to get started to start as an apprentice work under someone that’s already working in these trades that already owns a business doing carpentry doing finished carpentry as a tile Setter and learn these skills so let’s dive into number number three is being a plumber Plumbing is an industry again that I believe is not going anywhere anytime soon and the demand for plumbers is going through the roof I can’t believe how much I’ve had to pay Plumbers over the years and it continues to go up and the great thing about the plumbing side is that there’s always a need especially on residential people that already own their homes they’re remodeling or there’s a lot more money in repairs I just had to spend a lot of Money on one of my rentals with plumbing because some of my pipes were broken and I had some of them were corroded and I had to get a lot replaced so Plumbing I hate you not really I had to pay you a lot of money but if you’re getting into The trades that’s something I would definitely consider I never learned Plumbing it’s something I wasn’t really passionate about or wanted to understand and get my hands dirty with but I appreciate what they do I’ve paid plumbers well over the years and they’re continuing to charge more and guess what They’re getting it and I believe in 2023 that’s not going to slow down plumbers are going to be able to charge a premium I believe as a plumber you can definitely make 80 90 100 000 and if you own your own company someday you can make well over that in plumbing all Right number two do you know what it is any guess electricians yeah electrical work again is something that is necessity both residential and Commercial are making an absolute killing now being an electrician can also be very dangerous and it’s something that I believe you should definitely go to school get certified do All the necessary training you have to do not that you don’t need to do that with any of these other trades but especially working with electricity I mean it could definitely kill you very easily so that’s why they get paid really well because they’re putting their life on the line when they’re Wiring a new home up or especially on Commercial jobs or people that work on big transformers alignment I mean they’re they’re literally working with some very high intense electricity that that can kill them so being an electrician is something as an apprentice someone starting out you’re Going to get paid well right off the bat you can Venture off and become a one-man band as an electrician or be you and one other Helper and still make a ton of money a lot of guys that I’ve hired over the years have just been one in two guys I’ve never hired an electrical company that was 100 the guys it’s always small groups and they charge a ton of money they charge well over a hundred dollars an hour for work and you can definitely make well over six…

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